Authentic Canadian Log Homes

Some of the first settlements in Canada were built on the timber trade. It's what we do!

In Canada we sure do love our trees. Whether we are tapping them for maple syrup or carving them in to hockey sticks, our entire culture has been built around the timber industry in one way or another. Most of the timber trade began in Quebec, Canada and spread across the country as Canada is rich in forests.

Canada is known for its clean land and clean air. Our trees are premium trees in high demand because they are strong and healthy. Canada cares about deforestation problems and takes measures to ensure our forests keep growing. You can purchase FSC certified homes here and know that your home adheres to the sustainability laws and you can live in them guilt free!
Choose your style!
Each selection is a different manufacturer

Quebec Rustic Style

Handmade in Quebec
Only frame included in price
Log sizes choice can vary
D style available (extra)
Starting at $150/sq. ft.*

Traditional Log and Timberframe

FSC certified sustainable home
Comes with roof and windows
C&C Milled wood size and style of your choice
Easy to assemble
Starting at $120/sq. ft.*

Scandinavian Style​​

Scandinavian style homes are handcrafted
works of art
Only frame included in price
12-18 inch round logs
Starting at $350/sq. ft.*

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New inventory for 2018!
Mini homes and sheds
Due to popular demand, we have added a mini home section to our inventory.  Click below to see what's new!
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?What is the FSC certification

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

This is a certification to maintain an industry standard in sustainable forestry. 
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R-Factor vs Thermal Mass

Sculptures and furniture

Montebello Log Fest

It is not necessary to fill logs with artificial insulation in order to reach an R factor. Studies done in the USA show that logs of a diameter of 10 inches or more can easily produce an R factor of R22 or higher. By leaving the logs in their more natural state, they are able heat and cool by a natural process called thermal mass. None of our log homes are filled with artificial insulation. The heat is stored naturally in the wood when the sun is high and released when it is low.
Through-out our wonderful adventures, we have met many artists who are capable of transforming a piece of wood in to magnificent works of art!  Are you looking for a wooden owl to sit purched at the top of your log home?  Perhaps some fish carved out of wood?  We even know local artists who create magnificent pieces of furniture. Whether you are looking for a giant totem pole, a unique piece of art, or perhaps a small stool, we can help you with your artistic addition!
Every year, the Fairmont Le Château Montebello hosts the Log Fest which is a festival that honors the tradition of log building. Our co-founder, Mr. Purdy has been a volunteer on the committee since the creation of the festival.  Fairmont Le Château Montebello is the world's largest log cabin.  In addition to that, Montebello is the log capital of Canada with with most log homes in one beautiful little town! If you are interested in attending the Festival, contact us for more information.